Get the most out of your building by using the property management services of Harvard Street Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts. equal housing opportunity 64404

Based near Central Square, we provide property management services to a portfolio consisting of individual single-family homes and condominiums, small commercial properties, multi-unit residential housing, and condominium properties.

Harvard square harvard yardSince 1986, Harvard Street Management has been providing property management services exclusively, and we are unique in our individualized property management approach.  Our Services cover:

 Single & Multi-Family Residences

Condominiums & Condominium Rentals

Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

Commercial Properties


We believe that each property has an individual personality and are able to offer each client the flexibility of a management plan design to their personal needs.  We invite you to visit our gallery and find out more about us.

Contact us in Cambridge, Massachusetts for more information about our unique brand of property management.